September 2013 – Recent study shows importance of eco-friendly corporate practices.

A May 2013 global study published by Cone Communications and Echo Research (available at reveals that customers are increasingly swayed in their buying decisions by social and environmental responsibility demonstrated by companies. The report notes in the introduction that consumers are “no longer content with sweeping donations or vague promises of eco-friendliness.” Verified, legitimate actions that demonstrate a company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility are now what is required.

Jeff Malish, President of The Malish Corporation, notes, “As the sanitary supply market becomes more and more demanding of products that address the needs of social responsibility, our goal is to be cognizant of how our products impact the earth and design products that deliver on that promise.”

Two recent examples of how Malish accomplishes that mission are its Diamabrush By Malish line of floor preparation products, which effectively prep and polish floors without the use of harsh chemicals.

Another example is the company’s color-coded grit brush line which can substitute for floor pads that are replaced frequently and can contaminate the waste stream. Malish Vice President of Sales and Marketing Fred Lombardi stated, “We’ve had several health care systems and food service organizations tell us specifically that our color-coded grit brush line is more durable, more cost-effective, easier to use and more eco-friendly than other solutions.”

Of particular note is that the Cone study revealed that 85% of customers feel it is very important to consider a company’s social and environmental commitment before making a purchase or recommending a product to others.

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About The Malish Corporation
Founded in 1948, The Malish Corporation specializes in the manufacturing of rotary brushes, rotary brush accessories, hand maintenance brushes, and the Diamabrush By Malish Floor Preparation System. The company is also a custom extruder of thermoplastic tubes and profiles. Headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio, The Malish Corporation operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia and a sales & distribution center in Europe. With a reputation for quality, engineering, testing and integration, The Malish Corporation provides every customer with personalized business solutions.